About Hooligans

Brief Company History

Hooligans Kids was founded in 1996. Their ongoing passion for quality and ethical sourcing of both fabrics and workmanship saw the company get the final nod of approval from the World Fair Trade organisation in early 2013. This journey started a few years earlier with the company being audited, inspected and tracked on every level.


Currently in South Africa, the only accredited organic cotton farms are wholly committed to just one company. The organic cotton may be available at a premium cost to smaller manufacturers only. With Hooligans' current demand, this is not viable so they continue to support the peasant farmers.

 A product claiming to be organic might only contain a small percentage of organic cotton or may be made of organic cotton but dyed using toxic chemicals which would never be allowed in certified organic products. Hooligans only uses Azo free dyes and have certification from their dyeing facility to back this up. This is just one of the efforts where Fair Trade compels Hooligans to go the extra mile in sourcing and monitoring what goes into their fabric.

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Fair Trade Practises

From start to finish every step is carefully monitored.

Hooligans supports a co-operative called the Wildlife co-operative. This co-operative has been wholly under the company's wing for the past 10 years. The workforce have work every day and are paid regardless of whether their orders are complete on time. They are financed upfront where required and the co-operative has a say in the final selling price of the items they manufacture.
They have an input in the designs presented to them and have been trained to comply with International quality standards. Membership of this co-operative requires that preference be given to single female household heads and disabled workers. 99% of the members have been with the co-operative for 10 years or more.
Access to medical care and education has been made available by the Wildlife worker trust, which has been financed by Hooligans Kids Clothing.
Equipment and machinery is provided to them at no interest loans and maintained by Hooligans Kids Clothing.

Printing / Embroidery

All suppliers are within a 50 km radius to ensure the Hooligans carbon footprint has a minimal impact. Factories are inspected quarterly to ensure compliance to labour laws.



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